Google form self-grading quiz

Grading quizzes takes so much time which is why the Google form self-grading quiz option is such a life saver. If you are looking for a self-grading quiz option which means that your students can take a quiz and you don’t have to grade it, Google forms is the answer for you.

What are Google Forms?

Teachers can use Google Forms to create self-grading quizzes for their students. When the quizzes are created using multiple choice answers, you can enter the correct answers, and the form will self-grade. We include self-grading quizzes with our curriculum kits.

How do I create a quiz with Google Forms?

How can I create a Google Form that is self-grading?

How do I learn how to use Google Forms?

If you’re new to Google Forms, check out the Google Educator’s training videos.

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