Bring SteveSongs on a Virtual Visit to Your Classroom Spring of 2021

Sometimes you teach your students a concept a million times, and they just don’t get it. Then someone else tells them the same thing, and it finally clicks. It’s not because you’re a bad teacher. It’s just that once you’ve laid the foundation, a new perspective, a new approach, and a new voice can trigger deep understanding. That’s what happens when teachers bring PBS Kids celebrity SteveSongs into the classroom. It’s kind of like sprinkling fairy dust and seeing kids fly. So whether you’re an elementary music teacher or an elementary teacher who loves integrating music in your classroom, you can bring SteveSongs on a virtual visit to your classroom this year. Become a member to find out more info about the 2022 Virtual Class Visit!

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If you say,

“Who’s SteveSongs?”

I say,

“Curious George, Clifford the Big Red Dog, and Super Why.”

You can also google “Music Time with SteveSongs PBS Kids” to find all kinds of goodies. You can read more about Steve’s professional career on our blog: Elementary Music Teaching Artist SteveSongs

You can also find out more about him on his website: SteveSongs

The SteveSongs Virtual Visit Scoop

If you join our focus group, you can test out Steve’s Brush, Brush, Brush unit and then bring him on a virtual visit to your  classroom. Here’s the commitment:

  • Attend 1 Zoom launch party to get access to the videos
  • Test out the 2 (or more) of the Brush, Brush, Brush videos
  • Give us feedback
  • Bring SteveSongs into your classroom on a virtual visit

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The 2021 Spring Virtual Class Visit

For our 2021 elementary music focus group, teachers have requested pre-recorded sessions. So you can bring Steve into your classroom with two pre-recorded videos: a 30-minute sing along for students grades K-2 and a 20-minute song writing session video for students grades 3-5. Steve will also record a personalized shout out to teachers and students. It’s going to be the experience of a lifetime that you and your students won’t want to miss!

Benefits to Joining a Focus Group

  • You get to connect with an innovative group of teachers from across the country and around the globe.
  • You get to be on the cutting-edge of new curriculum development–try something new!
  • You can bring SteveSongs into your classroom for a virtual visit and sing-along party!
  • You can get compensated.

**If you’re a public school teacher in the United States, we can even compensate you for your participation through DonorsChoose (so far all of our projects are fully funded, and we’ll help you every step along the way).**

SteveSongs: The Brush, Brush, Brush Elementary Music Unit

We’re just starting, so we don’t have a whole year’s worth of curriculum for you YET, but we’re working on it. We just released our first unit entitled Brush, Brush, Brush, and we’re testing it with elementary and elementary music teachers across the country. Here’s a clip of one of the videos included in the kit.

Flexible Elementary Music Curriculum Unit

This unit can be used online or in-person. We’ve created a bundle of lesson plans and teaching resources to make teaching fun and easy for you and your students. You can pick and choose what you think will work best for your students and let us know what you think!

PBS Kids celebrity SteveSongs singing with Chris who is playing the guitar and elementary music kids who are singing on the iPadVideo curriculum:

  • Meet the teaching artist
  • Practice
  • Performance
  • Song Game
  • Minute on Music: Audience Engagement
  • Minute on Music: Call and Response
  • Minute on Music: Audiation

Music teaching resources:

  • 10+ music activities for the classroom
  • Editable Google Slides
  • 3 Google Form Self-Grading quizzes
  • 1 Kahoot
  • 3 SeeSaw Activities
  • 3 FlipGrid Activities
  • 1 Music Soundtrack

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